Park Labs

  • All labs are equipped with new lab furniture (lab benches, desks, sinks, emergency showers, …)
  • The building is air conditioned, CO2 and N2 supply is available in all labs
  • Several labs are specifically adapted for cell culture work
  • Several labs are equipped with fume hoods
  • Lab space can be rented on a per room basis at attractive conditions, beginning from 16 m²
  • Specific shared equipment is provided on a fair use basis and includes lab dish washer, autoclave, ice machine, ultra pure water, incubation shaker, high speed centrifuge, and low (-80 °C) or ultra low (-150 °C) temperature storage
  • Laboratory equipment (pipettes, fridges, PCR machines etc.) is to be provided by the renter
  • Located in xista science park building 1 (main building), second floor
  • Adjacent to the campus of ISTA
  • Supermarket and restaurant in short walking distance, shuttle bus (VOR line) to Wien Heiligenstadt
Options (Subject to availability)
  • Renting of parking space in the garage
  • Renting of biotech lab space
  • Renting of rack space for servers/IT
  • Access to shared infrastructure (further meeting rooms, conference area)